Common Mistakes You Make Everyday While Writing

The introduction and popularity of abbreviation while writing has led to confusion and for some total ignorance when it comes to spelling English words correctly. Especially the female folks, most of them cannot spell common English words due to bad habits picked up during chats. If you doubt this , take most of your female friends on and see the trend…slay mamas, slaying the words. Some men are not to be spared in this, most of them feign knowledge even when their emptiness is obvious. Below are some common mistakes.

“Your” confused with “You’re”

[b] Your — Possessive determiner (specifies a noun), used to describe something that belongs to the person with whom you are corresponding.
Your customer is waiting.

You’re — Contraction of “you are.”
You’re a valued customer.

“They’re” confused with “Their” and “There”

Their —Possessive determiner, used to describe something that belongs to the people with whom you are corresponding.
Their manager is in a meeting.

There — Adverb, used to refer to “that location”.
There is a laptop you can use.

They’re — Contraction of “they are.”
They’re in charge of marketing.

“Its” confused with “It’s”

Its — Possessive determiner, used to describe something that belongs to an object.
The computer doesn’t work; its hard disk needs replacing.

It’s — Contraction of “it is.”
It’s time we told them the truth.

“Then” confused with “Than”

Than — Conjunction, used in making comparisons.
My lunch was better than yours.

Then — Adverb, used to situate actions in time.
We then ordered lunch.

Writing in a foreign language is no easy job, especially when your business may be depending on it. But the better you write, the better your reader will feel about you and your ideas.
Thank you and enjoy your week.


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