Apple Music To Purchase Jay Z ‘s TIDAL

TIDAL has led a fairly doomed existence since its March 2015 induction under the reign of Jay Z and several other A-list artists and there have been rumors that Hova has been attempting to abandon ship (for the right price that is).

After all there have been three CEO changes and it seems like every other month, there is another unfounded rumor or source claiming the premium subscription is on the verge of crumbling.

If anyone can stop the alleged bleeding, it’s Apple Music, who has more money that the pope, president and prime minister and has been building up their streaming muscle with plenty of exclusives on their end. The Wall Street Journal reports that talks of an Apple Music acquisition for Jay Z’s stalwart streaming service are underway, despite TIDAL executives denying meetings are even taking place.

Apple has already exhibited the ability to roll out wildly successful exclusive album premieres from the likes of Drake and Chance the Rapper as well as a viral marketing campaign that spliced Taylor Swift within the world of Hip Hop.

Having both companies under one roof would just spell nothing but troubles for both their chief rival:

Spotify. The once heavily targeted music service recently hired industry vet Troy Carter to help combat such threats.

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