5 reasons Nigerian Girls Desperately Want to Get Married

Nigeria Girls Are Desperate To Get Married

Marriage is the most talked about stuff for various Nigeria girls. A good number of them are actively looking for husbands or long-term commitment.

I wouldn’t blame them though as they have logical reasons to do this. The only thing they think of is getting married that is why guys use marriage promises to lay them

5 Reasons You As A Naija Girl Desperately Want To Get Married

1. You follow too many wedding pages

The things we see has a way of affecting our reasoning. You spend most of your time on Bella Naija and other wedding pages drooling over wedding dresses and creating scenes in your head.

2. All your friends are getting hitched

You feel left out because all your friends are getting hitched year by year. You put yourself under unnecessary pressure because “you do not want to be left out”

3. Everybody online is talking about weddings

You go to various blogs and you realize that everybody there is talking about getting married or attending a family members wedding so you have come to believe that it is the norm.

4. Your parents are ringing wedding bells

You still live with your parents and they are constantly reminding you that your time is ticking. Even after moving out, they still call you from time to time to tell you of one boy they assume would make a perfect husband.

5. You believe getting married will complete you

To you, your utmost accomplishment and satisfaction will come when you settle down. You imagine that life will suddenly become rosy once you say “I Do”



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